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We are Registered with Refcom F-Gas Certification

Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance using only Quality Energy Efficient Manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Daikin these are all quality reliable manufacturers.

Terms and Conditions

Company Hours of Work

The customer shall give access within the office hours of Quality ACS which are 8am to 5pm. In the event of this not being given and overtime is worked at the customers request, the extra cost will be chargeable in addition to the quoted price.

Programme of Work

Every effort will be made to meet the requirements of the customer but no guarantee con be given of the date of commencement or completion of the works for any disputes, fire, accident, none delivery or shortages of materials or any other causes beyond the control of Quality ACS.

Making Good Etc.

Whilst every care will be taken by the operatives of Quality ACS it accepts no responsibility for any damage to plaster work, decorations, floorings, etc unless specifically provided in the written quotation. Cuts or wholes made to allow for equipment will be made good but not permanently finished or decorated.


Any parts of the equipment which fail during the twelve months immediately following commissioning due to faulty materials or workmanship during original manufacture or installation will be replaced and fitted free of charge.

Extended Warranty

Additional manufacturers three year warranties are available on the undertaking of preventative maintenance contract with ourselves ACS to be taken out within six months of original installation.

Preventative Maintenance and Service Contracts

Upon completion of your installation we would strongly recommend that you enter into a service and maintenance agreement. This will ensure that your equipment is kept at peak efficiency with related savings on running costs and reliability.


Any licences, permit or other local authority building control approval or any other authority necessary for the execution of any works carried out by Quality ACS to be obtained and paid for by the customer.

Consequential Loss or Damage

Quality ACS shall not be responsible for any consequential damage or loss arising out of the performance of the contract, otherwise then by the negligence of Quality ACS.

Payments by Accounts Only

By prior arrangement only shall Quality ACS allow account facilities (account payment due in 7 days unless otherwise stated) only signed faxed order shall be accepted in lieu of payment.

Overdue accounts and/or late payment shall be liable to late payment charges by 45.00 per week or part week until the date received in full. Should 30 days pass with no payment to ACS we reserve the right to employ the services of solicitors and/or collection agencies and shall be entitled to charge and recover from the customer all expenses incurred in settlement of the dept.

All equipment and materials remain the property of Quality ACS until final payment has cleared ACS bank account.


Invoices are strictly net and the quoted price will be adjusted to meet any price variations in labour or materials occurring after the date of the quotation.

Customer Payment Terms

Payment shall be due in full immediately upon completion of the work and the customer shall insure payment is made available without unnecessary delay otherwise Quality ACS reserves the right to charge for waiting time.

Where for what ever reason, the customer is unable or unwilling to make payment on completion of the works ACS  reserves the right to charge for additional time and travelling for the collection of money owed.

Should ACS deem it necessary to recover equipment due to full payment not received under the terms agreed, it is agreed that full and unimpeded access will be allowed to ACS and any operatives acting on there behalf to allow for the removal of equipment. ACS will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the customer by Quality ACS exercising this right. In the event of none payment or returned payment, any costs incurred by Quality ACS in recovering its property will be the responsibility of the customer. ACS reserves the right to take all necessary steps to recover the equipment which has not been paid for. The customer grants ACS access to repossess any equipment not paid for in full.

Quality ACS reserves the right for what ever reason to require advanced payments including a deposit before or during the work and to refuse cheques unsupported by a cheque guarantee cards and/or to require the customer to make payments by cash.

Should payment be offered by the customer by cheque which subsequently on presentation for payment is dishonoured for whatever reason, the charge of 50.00 shall be made to the customer for each and every presentation to offset the administration charges suffered by ACS.

Quality ACS reserves the right to ask for a progress payment scheme where, as materials are delivered to site the cost of materials and labour to get started and as each section of work is installed payment will be required also.

Quality ACS retains a lien upon all materials, plant and machinery even though installed and delivered on site, for the whole of any unpaid balance due.

The non-completion of the building as a whole or of the work of any other trade shall not affect payment to ACS.

All prices are exclusive of VAT value added tax and will be charged at the appropriate rate upon completion.

Extra Costs

In the event of cancellation or suspension of work at the request of the customer, or lack of instruction or delay on site, caused by matters beyond the control of Quality ACS, any extra expenses thereby incurred shall be charged to the customer.

If overtime is worked or alterations (in writing) are made at the request of the customer the extra cost incurred including a reasonable addition for administration expenses and overhead charged will be met by the customer.

All hire charges for plant, parking and travelling for goods is chargeable to the customer unless included in writing within the quotation.

Position of Fittings

Positions of A/C units if not provided for in the quotation or an associated drawing are to be determined before work is commenced and any change required therein shall be notified by the customer to ACS in writing, in sufficient time not to impede to the progress of the work.

Any extra work necessary to meet such changes will be chargeable to the customer in addition to the quoted price.

All pipe work is based up on set installations, pipe runs exceeding this criteria will incur additional costs per meter of pipe as per our contractual rates.

Mains power supply from mains board to A/C units is not included in the price unless stated in the quotation. (An approved electrician and adequate mains must be available to complete the installation)

Additional costs will be incurred if lifting equipment is required.

Any parking and congestion charges will be charged at cost.

If scaffolding or powered access platforms are required for access above 2 meters there will be an additional charge.

We will undertake drilling of holes up to 65mm diamond drilling, concrete will be undertaken by others at extra cost.

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