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Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance using only Quality Energy Efficient Manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Daikin these are all quality reliable manufacturers.

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Daikin have introduced a new concept in wall mounted split air conditioning systems. The new Ururu Sarara is unique in providing Cooling, Heating, Humidification, Dehumidification, Fresh Air Intake and Air Purification.

It has all the bells and whistles to provide your room with the exact comfort you require, using the latest R410a refrigerant and inverter technology to provide you with high energy savings, energy label ‘A’.

It uses Flash Streamer technology to decompose and remove odours, allergen molecules, viruses and bacteria.

Through the use of an additional section mounted on the top of the outdoor unit, the special absorption element is able to extract moisture from the outdoor air and supply the humidified air direct to the fan coil unit, this eliminates the need for a separate water supply.

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Dehumidification is by a specially designed indoor unit coil that is able to provide cooling and reheat at the same time. This provides true dehumidification without the need for additional electric heaters.

Fresh air is supplied through the same connection hose used for humidification, this fresh air can provide a complete change of air in an average room of 26m2 within 2 hours.

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Splits, Multi-Splits and VRF Systems

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The new Daikin FCQ - C RoundFlow ceiling mounted cassette has style and gives customer comfort and energy efficient. Its 360 degree radial airflow pattern creates improved and uniformed air distribution and reduces room temperature differentials whilst its greater horizontal air flow ensures less draughts and keeps energy consumption to a minimum.

The FCQ - C range has a very low installation height for customers requiring a compact unit for use in false ceilings.

Whilst the high COP FCQH - C offers extremely high energy savings for customers requiring top class energy levels and low installation height. Both models have a new attractive front panel.

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Daikin Solution To Comms, Computer and Server Rooms

The Daikin RZQ Condensing Unit, a common issue with using traditional comfort cooling equipment in comms room type applications is their inability to operate continuously and within the required parameters due to the low relative humidity.

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Daikins Solution the RZQ71 - 140 condensing units have as standard a low humidity field setting (also known as EDP Electronic Data Processing setting).

This function is standard so no extra costs.

Using Daikins RZQ with the EDP function enabled allows the unit to control down to 11C wet bulb at an RH of 30% (typical conditions in a UK comms room).

Even at these conditions using Daikins unique feature, a temperature of 20C would be achievable.

The revolutionary EDP setting also removes the possibility of the indoor coil freeze up and defrost.

When the unit detects a possible freeze up it raises the evaporating temperature taking it out of the freeze up zone.

Continuous capacity is achieved with virtually 24 hr run.

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