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Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance using only Quality Energy Efficient Manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Daikin these are all quality reliable manufacturers.

Why Have Maintenance Contracts.

Air conditioning is like any other mechanical equipment it requires regular servicing to keep it running efficiently or a break down will be inevitable it also has another benefit of cutting the running costs for you quite considerably.


Manufacturer guarantee depends on equipment being regularly serviced,  which will make a large contribution to maintaining the efficiency of any of the a/c units installed by us.

A lot of the time when faults occur, it is thought the equipment may be at fault. But analysis can Show how the equipment was installed and maybe lack of servicing. Servicing and troubleshooting are closely linked.

If a well planned installation is followed by an air conditioning service contract, problems are minimised. New air conditioning equipment will  also have to comply with evolving seasonal energy efficiency ratings.


Present regulations for air  conditioning split systems and multi-split units require a cooling energy efficiency ratio  (EER) of 2.8. The proposal is that this cooling EER will increase to 3.0  from August 2006.

At the moment for heating coefficient of performance  (COP) is 3.2 and to 3.4 from August 2006.

With all the new stringent regulations, what is becoming increasingly  important is not what new equipment is being installed but can the existing  installed equipment maintain the required efficiency if it can not get it serviced.

Equipment that is not serviced  regularly can deteriorate quickly, and its not a surprise when going to a site  just a year after installation to find a dirty and encrusted condenser coil this alone will increase the running costs of your air conditioner dramatically which in its self is a good idea to have an air conditioning maintenance contract.

Even if the filters have been cleaned, the evaporator coil needs cleaning and disinfecting, the drain tray and also the pumps if fitted need cleaning and checking to stop any bad smells or water dripping from the unit.

So give ACS a call or email us at to arrange for your unit or units to get serviced.

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