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We are Registered with Refcom F-Gas Certification

Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance using only Quality Energy Efficient Manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Daikin these are all quality reliable manufacturers.

Air Conditioning Solutions Specialise in the Installation of Heat Pump Systems for Offices or Factories, Schools or your Dental Surgery. Anywhere that cooling or heating is required, we will keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

In East Anglia or the South East of England i.e. London, Cambridge or Kent also Tyne and Wear and Nationwide.A/C Engineer Pict

Were happy to fit any amount of heat pump units we also rent as well as sell Portable Units also Purifiers in Suffolk or Norwich, Ipswich and Nationwide for larger contracts.

We only install energy efficient quality heat pump systems products from top manufacturers.

Including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Sanyo and LG ARTCOOL. We will provide a great air conditioning installation and maintenance service together with a repair service.

By having an Energy Efficient Heat Pump air conditioning system installed, you can reduce your running costs significantly and make big savings on your operational costs compare this with your old air conditioning system.

There has never been a better time to have installed an air conditioning heat pump system if you have a commercial property, School, Outdoor Show, Care home, Dental Practice, Portable Offices, Portable Cabins, Hospital, Barbers and Doctors Surgery.

Visitors to your property will be more comfortable in the room and therefore more likely to remain for a longer period and more likely to return.

For Businesses theirs the government Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme, ECA please see our page on this for further details.

For home owners you only pay 5% vat on your air conditioning heat pump system and the cost of the air conditioning installation, because of the energy saving benefits of using Heat pump.

When ACS have completed the Install we will clean and tidy the work area.

You will notice a big difference in your working environment with regard to the working temperature, whether it is a Residential or School, Office or Shop, Warehouse, Restaurant or Gymnasium.

If you take out our maintenance contract at the time of installation we will guarantee the equipment for three years, provided the maintenance is kept up to date through out the three year period.

The contract will make sure your air conditioning units run at peak performance and save you money on the running costs and there are no leaks of refrigerant from your equipment, because this is a legal requirement for all air conditioners with a minimum of 3kg of refrigerant held inside of each outdoor unit.

Keeping your staff and customers happy cooling or heating them also knowing that you are helping the environment by using energy efficient equipment.

Once your air conditioning installation has been completed you will hardly notice that they are there except that your level of personal comfort will have improved dramatically.

 Indoor Air Quality is a serious issue it is at least seven times more polluted than outside. A New heat pump air conditioning system will filter the air of germs, bacteria, mould and pet dander.

So if you have an allergy or breathing problems choosing the right system will significantly help with your symptoms.

If you do not want a fixed system then why not buy one of our portable air conditioning units which will be delivered direct to your address.

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Heat pump air conditioning units are the future for lowering your carbon foot print and reducing your fuel bills these new units use the latest R410 refrigerant they are also very quiet when running unlike the old units of yesteryear that rattled and could be heard two blocks away at night.

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